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Whitney on Oprah Today!


Don't miss Oprah's exclusive interview with Whitney Houston today on the season premiere of The Oprah Winfrey Show! Be sure to check your local listings for air times. And don't forget to tune in tomorrow for part 2 of Oprah's exclusive interview, when Whitney will perform "I Didn't Know My Own Strength"!!

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I'm so happy for you...I just watched both sections of the Interview (it was good to be off work) and oh my goodness, like you, I must say I LOVE THE LORD!!

Your love for the Lord got you up there today to sing as beautifully as you did today and I've found out from you, "I Didn't Know My Own Strength."

I Love You and I'm so happy for you! You are my example!

The favor of God continues to follow you!



Thanks God ! Glory to the Lord ! The first time I saw the picture of Whitney sick of drugs I prayed God and asked him to deliver her and that's what happened. Congratulations Whitney you have made it ! JESUS LOVES YOU. I did not miss you at all because from where I am all I had to do is continue to listen to your sweet ant reconforting songs. Thank to your music to ligthting my road when I needed someone to look to. Thank to God to be with you. Thank God for giving you "Cissy" and "Christina". God Bless you Whitney !

I remember being about 6 or 7 years old, helping my mom change baby sister's diaper. I then, heard your voice "oh I wanna dance with somebody"! And I couldn't stop staring at your video.

It isn't a surprise that you came out and did things your way...at least not to me. Your strength, compassion has always been seen through your eyes and your smile.

I have to say that first and foremost you are a human. You have a great gift of song. One that so many of us do not possess. You do what so many of us wish we could do...tell our story so that everyone will hear. It is an awesome responsibility to carry the weight of many on your shoulders. Luckily, I have had music in my life. Music has saved my life, it has "carried" me through the depths of my own personal hell. And you have carried me as well Whitney.

This is a message of thanks. I message of complete gratitude to you. What Michael Jackson said was that "it is what the whole world needs, is love". You artists, musicians do more than you know. You inspire us to be better, do better, FEEL better...to dream big, to laugh out loud, to sing and dance...to change.

My song to you is simple...one moment, one step, one minute, one day and one breath at a time.

Thank you for falling, and acknowledging, and for choosing. Good or bad, change is a choice. I will carry you as you have for me. Peace, J. Harris

Thank you Whitney for opening up and sharing your most inner self with us (the world) on Oprah. I know it has been hard for you but you have come through the toughest part now. Continue to hold your head up and walk proud. Continue to look to God for your strength. Only he can give it to you. You have an amazing voice that not too many people can say they have and it is truly God's gift to you. No matter what this world tried to do to you, they won't succeed. You will still come out on top. You know why because you are one of God's children. You are his first, Cissy's second. You are more beautiful now then you have ever been before. He wasn't going to let you stay down forever. Hold on to his power and his love. He will never let you down. Keep on smiling and being that source of strength for your child. She needs you now more than ever before. She's a TEENAGER (smile). Believe me I have two teenage girls myself 16 & 14. It's so amazing how we as women tend to give all of ourselves to a man for them to only turn around and do us like that. Surround yourself with positive people that love you and only want the best for you and you only will go higher and higher. I always knew one day you would wake up and come back to us.

We love you always. I really hope you get to see this.

Truly your fan,


Whitney, I have been praying for you for many years and I am glad you have returned! I have always loved your music and I feel I am going through a similar situation (not as drastic as yours). We were married in 1992, my husband drinks daily, no drugs though. The Preacher's Wife soundtrack has kept me and has gotten me through a lot over the years. Keep God first, love yourself and of course take care of that beautiful baby of yours, she has really grown:)

Always a fan, no matter what!

I'm proud of Whitey and have always been in awe of her talent. We share a lot in common, the love of God, the love of good music and the gift of life. Whitney is a survivor - she survived addiction and a tumultuous marriage while I survived Cancer. We both sing and are the same age. I love her and want her to succeed with this career resurgence very badly. I'm a trained vocalist and studied music and vocal pedagogy in college. Please Whitney - treat that voice smartly when you speak - let it ring naturally with ease. You spend your entire day speaking and communicating with people whether you want to or not - great singers are usually great speakers as well. Find your sound naturally with tone (whispering and an airy tone wreck your range) and take it easy - you've a wonderful spirit and a beautiful soul.

Keep your strength girl, you are and will always be very, very blessed.

We all "look to you" - you are one of God's greatest gifts.



As I was watching the interview, I heard you say that He (Bobby) was your drug. As you were talking, I felt like you were telling my story. You are and will continue to be our voice. God Bless you and hold strong!! I love the new album. It's great!!!

Whitney,you are a source of strength.This interview moved me in ways that you could ever imagine. Listening to your story puts alot to rest for your fans. We new you would be back. We love you.


You're life is a living testimony and has confirmed that God is the source of our strength