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Whitney on Oprah Today!


Don't miss Oprah's exclusive interview with Whitney Houston today on the season premiere of The Oprah Winfrey Show! Be sure to check your local listings for air times. And don't forget to tune in tomorrow for part 2 of Oprah's exclusive interview, when Whitney will perform "I Didn't Know My Own Strength"!!

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The light is back in her eyes and working has a lot to do with that. This new album is really good!

Aloha Whitney;

As you probably now know, you are just as human as the next. We all make mistakes that is how we learn, without our mistakes where would be. With all your pain we indure for man's sake, but always remember who is 1st in your life. Everything there after falls in to place. The breath that keeps us all alive is from the Lord Jesus Christ, the reason we live is to share his words, do his will and to teach his Love, which there is only 1 LOVE.
The lord GOD LOVE YOU wheather we are good or bad, it is wriitten that JESUS has come for the sick and the sinner not the righteous.


I have been a fan since Whitney sang at106 Sussex Avenue the first time. All I can say is "once an inspiration always an inspiration", we never gave up on you. Your journey is proof that when you train a child in the way she should go she will return.

Just got done watching the OPRAH Interview. THANK HEAVEN THERE IS A GOD! I applaud you for pulling yourself together and Lifting yourself out of the ABUSIVE HELL situation you found yourself in. The abuse is something that I expected. I'm sure you had love for THAT man, but as individuals we are ultimately responsible for what happens to us and although love can be blinding we have to evently see the light or be brought down by that destructive environment....... KEEP THAT DOOR SHUT TO BOBBY BROWN, I DID'NT LIKE WAY BACK WHEN AND I LIKE EVEN LESS NOW . YOU DESERVE A BETTER MAKE OF MAN!!!!!!!.....From this point in your life on there is no looking back!

Dear Beautiful Whitney,

You are just as beautiful today as you were at age 19. Your humble presence today was so inspiring to so many of us women who too are guilty of loving our men first and ourselves last. Today you have changed my life and I know I am worthy of loving myself first..... Its funny how I never gave up on you and I knew you jwould pull yourself back up; but its very clear to me today that I had certainly given up on myself. Thank you for today - thank you for articulating your story so well. I can now pick myself back up!

You are awesome and your music is still so darn amazine!

Thank God, Thank God, Thank God. He was holding you tight in His arms. I am so glad You are back Smile

Some things never change. If it's in you than it will always remain. I am sooooo proud of the Lady Whitney Houston. She spoke and carried the Oprah interview with such grace, poise and class. Her face was flawless, her attire was classy and it was great to watch the bond and sincerity throughout the entire interview. Can't wait for Part II on tomorrow. Whitney I have and as you so eliquently recorded, Will Always Love You, the lady, the diva, the legend!! You set the standard and as Rev. Donnie McClurkin ministered, "We Fall Down, But We Get Up". Always your #1 Fan and I'm from Newark too, good representation for the Bricks...LOL.

Whitney, I just saw your interview w/Oprah today. I'm going thru the exact issues w/my husband you went thru. I'm so glad to hear that I am sadly not the only one who let their husband come "into their world" ONLY to almost destroy our world and self ...............I'm so proud of you for seeking help and coming back to yourself..............It hurts when you really love your husband so deep and try to build them up to make them feels better, only to find that they don't REALLY CARE about you and just USE YOU...................thanks again for coming out and letting persons like myself hear your words...............your words will and is helping me deal w/my madness issues of my husband.

Thanks again sister.....................and may God continue to bless you in your ways because I know you STILL love Boddy as I do my husband and it REALLY hurts to know that you have done everything you can to make it work. Only to fail because of his doings.............May God continue to bless you and your family..............Thank you,Brenn

Wow I just watched Oprah you look great.I am not a huge fan of your genre but you have a gift.I am a 44 yo recovering drug addict and you are well on your way you go.just had to say you look like never before

Whitney Houston, remember simply: "Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else."

... I love you, my sister (welcome back, I shall say it again WELCOME BACK!) ...

HIS GRACE AND MERCY enough said ...