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"I Look To You" Video Premiere


The premiere of Whitney's new music video "I Look To You."

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So beautiful. I just get tears in my eyes every time I watch this video or hear the song. God bless you Whitney. Thank you.

I can't find the words thank can say how fantastic it was haering and seeing her again.I'm so moved by her word,her voice,her grace.She is unbelieveble.Thank you for comeing back,I missed you so

So beautiful....God bless you Whitney. Thank you so much. Love you!

semplice...ma la sua presenza fa più di ogni effetto speciale!!!! bentornata whitney....sei al numero uno ( come nella chart italiana in questo momento!!!)

Love it such a simple Video ....its all it needs Whitneys voice does the rest ..... love you whitney xxxxx

I just want to say for the record, Whitney is and, always will be my Favorite and, most memorable Diva because, When I was in my early to mid 20's. She was all the rage and, every single person would go crazy in the clubs and, at circuit parties I went to and,God bless her for those memories I will never ever forget them.Whitney is one of the best selling artist of all time. With this album she went straight to number again but, I expected no less!!
( 1 )!!!!!! If you don't believe it go to Billboard.com and,see for yourself.)
she is still there last time I checked. Whitney thanks again. This album I will dance to and, go to those parties hearing mixes at circuit parties and on and on!!
I love the CD. You better work Ms. Whitney!!!
I have So MUCH LOVE FOR YOU...Keep on singing girl.

Beautiful video! I'm so glad to see Whitney in a new video!!!

love u whitney but>>>>>I was expecting more

i must apologize i to have been damage by the media, i heard the song before an didn't catch it, i really wasn't impress i don't no what i was looking for but i felt as though you didn't hit it!!! until i watched the video then i took the time to listen to the words. pretty song whitney it takes you to have been through somethings to truly understand the song its got my vote

WOW! Simple yet Fabulous! Whitney looks gorgeous and the song is so inspiring.
Thank you Whitney and much luck and joy in your future