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Enter to Win VIP Access to Whitney's GMA Performance!


We're giving 1 lucky winner and their guest a special VIP spot at Whitney's upcoming GMA performance.

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Comentarios (97)

I have always LOVED YOU and especially you incredible voice. Your wonderful voice is a gift from GOD,don't ever forget that. Good luck WELCOME back and please stay, don't ever leave us again. God bless you. And remember I'll Always Love You!!!!!!!!!

I am a 57 year old man and have loved your music from your start. I hope and pray that I will be able to hear your voice for many years. Thankyou for your strength and your will to go on your voice is better than ever.

Before the foundation of the world God made you who you are. Never let man tell you that you cant come back. God does not live in our past, He reveals our future. To you and your family " In everything give thanks to the Almighty Jesus Christ Our Savior.

I know that GOD has been with u through all struggles, trials and tribulation. But when u know people like me our continuing praying for u. You will always come out with victory in every area of your life. Much love and happiness to you and your family. Walk in your annointing.

Ms. Whitney
Thank you!
You are about to change the way music is today just as you did when you first appeared to the music world.
The New music is fantastic and a whole new generation will get the privilege to hear what so many of us already know.
You are the Queen of Music.
Again Thank you.

My DIVA (Mi Diva): I have been your #1 Puerto Rican Fan and Supporter throughout the test of time. I have every CD you have released including your latest masterpiece. I love your music and what you have given to the music industry. I will continue to be your supporter; in whatever, future endeavors you have in store. My Diva (Mi Diva), my love and my heart... Para Siempre...

Whitney I pray that you will come back and here you are stronger than ever.
All though i do not really Know you,I feel like I Know you through your Music. I play your songs as well as Michael Jackson songs to my children so they can see talent
and get to Know you. God Blessing always .

Whitney, this new CD is the best. This is a testimony of what can happen when you allow God to take full control of your life. I'm one of your fans that pray for you, Bobbie Kristie, and your mom regularly. I never gave up on you I just kept PRAYING, and God answered. I'll continue keeping you and your family in my prayers. May GOD continue to bless and keep you. From your #1 fan since I was 8 years old and now I'm 32.


I was almost late to work this morning because I had to get your CD. I love you and I've been praying for you. I love all of your music and I can't wait to see you tomorrow on GMA and on Sept. 14th on Oprah. We have the same birthday as well and I've loved you since I was a baby. My parents had your albums and once I got a job, I started buying your CDs. Just know that "I will always love you." and "I look to you." You are "THE BEST."