GLEE'S FIRST LISTEN FRIDAY - "SO EMOTIONAL" | The Official Whitney Houston Site



"Ain't it shocking what love can do?" Check out GLEE's rendition of "So Emotional" here.

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Awsome!!! Lea and Naya sound great. Was not to sure about the duo when I 1st heard about them doing a sog togeather but it's awsome. Plays into both of their story lines

this was perfect, they both sound amazing of course. can't wait ♥

Absolutely love this version! Whitney would be proud!

Really liking this one! Their voices sound so good!!!

I just loved it. I Love and Miss Whitney!!!

Superb, everything that it has given us this is with his heart, his love, his kindness, his voice, same tired she honoured all these concerts, what charisma on stage it you emmenner elsewhere, it was another world, thank you Madam HOUSTON, hail well bottom and a huge RESPECT.

Yes! This is FANTASTIC! Lea and Naya's voices go so WELL together! Naya just sounds AMAZING singing anything. Then Lea? WOW. She sounds GREAT singing this! And I LOVE what they did with the song. Such an INTERESTING and WONDERFUL cover!

BEAUTIFUL tribute to Whitney Houston! GREAT job Glee! <3