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Information about the Whitney Houston Memorial Service


This Saturday, February 18th, the Houston family will celebrate the life of Whitney Houston. They ask that we all come together too remember Whitney and invite you to view the memorial service online. Click here to visit the Associated Press LiveStream Channel.

We all have wonderful memories of Whitney & Saturday will be a day for us to honor the woman that touched so many people around the world. We ask you to join us in honoring her spirit by changing your profile pictures to an image you love of Whitney Houston.

In lieu of flowers or gifts, the Houston family has requested that donations be made to the Whitney Houston Academy of Creative and Performing Arts. Click here to learn how you can make a donation.

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Whitney "is" the greatest voice of our time.

Since the homegoing, I have thought about Whitney often. Her song "Greatest Love of All", got me through some rough teenage years. I truly miss her smile. I listened to all the wonderful thing so many said about her at the homegoing and I think, she was so special. No matter the mistakes she has made, we have all made them, done things that God did not approve of, the key is to trust God and keep your heart open to Him. Whitney never lost her love for God. She reminds of the story of David, a child after God own heart. No matter what David did he never stop being in love with God and God never left him. No matter how much Whitney stumbled she never lost her love for God. Remember those who speak negatively of her. God looks at the heart, and her heart was big and it was filled with love. God never left her and now she is singing with the angels, probably leading the choir, singing our Heavenly Father praises.

Well, Miss Whitney you have left this earth, but never our hearts. You were the soundtrack of my life for many years. I play your gospel music now, Preacher's Wife, and your last album, which gives me strength for my own life. You inspired me then and you inspire me now, to keep going, never give up, and when I fall down to pick myself up. I learned that when I fall down, it doesn't matter, what matters most is what we do next.

Gentle hugs go out to dear Krissy, I cannot imagine what you are going through now.......but, know this, Krissy, we are with you, all of us stand with you, believe that.
To dear Cissy, what a marvelous woman you are; thank you for the beautiful service on Saturday, it helped me get straight on a lot of things, and moved me into a peaceful grateful place.
God bless you both.
No, things will never be the same, but we will all meet her again one day, this I know for sure.

Whitney: Iluminaste tantos momentos de mi vida con tu maravillosa voz, el ángel de tu mirada, la frescura de tu sonrisa y todo ese espíritu encantado y lleno de magia que ofrendabas en cada una de tus hermosas canciones. Cuando viniste a mi país - allá por 1994 - tu singular simpatía arrasó nuestros corazones musicales (y otros también). Gracias por todo lo que diste. Tu huella será imperecedera, como debe ser cuando un artista entrega todo en una obra tan talentosa que lo trasciende en el tiempo. Un beso en donde estés. Con mucho cariño. Edgardo.

Thanks Whitney ! You will always be loved. Our prayers go out to your loving daughter, family and friends. RIP

whitney we shoulkd had express our love to you before you leaving us
but just to let you know that we always loved you the way you were with all the
trophies and pain , you showad us that your love for god is really unconditional
and he sure loves you whitney , he needs you now and we will let you go but never we will stop listening to your truly gifted and genuine spirit voice and remembering your physical beauty , yes you strugle but you never stop believing in the power of
God .
i wish all the strengh and courage to your beloved daughter and family and that we here around the world also feel the pain and sorrow of your passing , rest in peace
queen of pop music , we will never will forget your strengh and faith and the courage you had to share with us your human weakness and blessing which is the most ever beautiful voice of an Angel .

my deepest symphaty and love to you whitney

I always thought Whitney Houston was a nice person, intelligent, articulate and of course talented. But it wasn't until more recently that I have come to find out how much more of a good person she was here on earth and what has stuck with me more than anything is that she truly lived and embodied what Jesus said, when He commanded for all of us to love one another as He has loved us and by this we will be known as children of God. It wasn't until after her passing, that I've come to hear about how she actually reached out to so many other people that were going thru whatever and she showed love. She had foundations, she never ever bragged and she was the standard.It kind of hurts, because while she went thru her struggles as we all do at some point in our lives. Besides her family, who was there to reach out and defend her...God Bless her soul, Mrs. Cissy Houston, her daughter Kristina, and everyone who truly loved and cared for her. Stay strong and remember its not a good bye to Whitney Houston, it's only and just a see you later. Peace, love & blessings always.

Bobby Christina,
I hope that you focus on the love your mother shared with you and the world. I beleive that your mother, Whitney as I know her was a special person with a heart of love and gave back to the community. We all have challenges and needs. I will always remember your mother as a giver and lover of life and you should too. God bless you , I wish the best for you and your family. Rock on girl you have a wonderful life ahead of you and should be so proud of your family. Love you..!!!

Dearest Whitney: Thank you for sharing your gift of song with us and helping me, personally, through many paths and obstacles in my own life's journey. You were and still are a truly beautiful soul, and that little girl in you was so endearing. You have touched the lives and hearts and souls of so many and we are forever grateful to you for LOVING US and to your family for sharing you with us. Your daughter, Bobbi Kristina, your baby girl, loves and misses you so and I know that we, your fans, your family, your friends are praying that she and all of us will find comfort in knowing that you are now singing for the greatest choir of all, the Heavenly Choir. Soar on like the beautiful Angel that you are, soar as high as the highest note you ever reached. You have the voice of an Angel, so now you will be singing and rejoicing with the true Angel's Choir! RIP Beautiful Lady, we thank you for sharing your elegance, your charm, your love, your wit, your beauty, your kindness and your gift of song with us and giving to ALL of us so much of yourself.
You are gone, but will never ever be forgotten, your legacy lives on. Prayers to the Houston family!!!! And to Bobby Brown, for I believe, that deep down inside he loved and still loves you, in his own way, in his own capacity. We ALL suffer this loss, each and every one of us, and we are not here to judge, for who are we to judge. My prayers to all your family, friends and fans! We love you and we thank you!!!! RIP now Beautiful Lady, you don't have to hurt or cry anymore, rejoice!!!!