The Spirit and the Angels Of God is about to visit my Sister again. | The Official Whitney Houston Site

The Spirit and the Angels Of God is about to visit my Sister again.

Sis God has not forgotten you get ready for a visitation like unto Mary for thou art blessed and highly favored by God. There is a new season your about to enter into your healing is on the way both inner and outer God is going to restore you back to your former days. Like Jesus did unto Lazarus so shall your return unto the Lord be your wondering why God allowed so much to happen and transpire in your life so much trauma, but this is the word of God unto thee this day I could of rescued you when you first cried unto me saith the Lord but I allowed it to get so bad to do two things first to show you who your true friends are and secondly to prepare you a table in the presence of your enemies. It is bad when your surrounded by a whole entourage of people but yet no one understands you and you feel like your all alone and sometimes it seems like even God is not there, but God would have me to say unto thee that he allowed things to go this way so that men and women would count you out and think it was over for you and like unto Lazarus he's about to call your name and your about to rise shine and give God the glory. When the Spirit of God told me to write this a minute a go I didn't understand why I'm just a nobody but then on TBN they were playing one of your songs you were singing yea Jesus loves me in the background. Be encouraged my sister help is on the way.