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FAM Campaign Officially Launched (Join Us!)

Dear Whitney Houston fans,

the media bashing need to stop! All of you now that the negative reviews and the many hot rumours have gotten out fo control and obviously affected Whitney. That's why it it is our TASK to support her and to tell the world about the truth!!!

It saddens all of us to see what is being said about Whitney. That's why Géraldine decided to start the campaign "Fight Against the Media – F.A.M.". We're now eight people who need your support to spread and make our ideas work. Only if we work together, we can achieve our goals!

Our goal is not to change the opinion of the media because that's unrealistic. But we want to show the world the truth, we want to show the people how manipulative the press is working and what really stands behind Whitney Houston. We want to make it clear to people how dangerous it can be to blindly believe the media and that it is necessary to deal with something before having an opinion.

It's clear to us that the tour is over now but that doesn't mean the end of Whitney's music career. That's why we need to tell the world about the truth. We have to gather the attention of the media. Even if their reports about us were not positive, they woudl sacrifice their time to write about us which would be a great achievement for us.

So please support us and spread the campaign!

Please add the campaign to your Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/FAM-WH-Fight-Against-the-Media/135764219768776), follow us on Twitter (http://twitter.com/FAMWH) and subscribe to Géraldine's YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/geraldekkbk. You will get there all the news about the media coverage and our campaign.

We hope for your support!

Sincerely yours,

the FAM Crew!