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<em>"The pipes were in full working order... (Whitney) was engaged and happy to be on stage...She’s definitely back.” – The Guardian</em>

<em>"You could not help but admire a performer who, in the face of the negative press, stood up tonight to give her all. And Houston gave all she could.” – The Independent</em>

<em>“Still a hugely charismatic performer” – The Times</em>

<em>“The power of the voice is still there after all these years.” – Daily Mirror</em>

Last night Whitney Houston launched the European leg of her World tour with a commanding performance in Birmingham (UK) pleasing both fans and critics alike.

Performing hits such as "I Wanna Dance with Somebody", "I Look to You", "I Will Always Love You" and "Million Dollar Bill", Whitney clearly enjoyed every second of her return to the UK stage as over 11,000 fans cheered her on.

Entertaining the crowd along with Whitney was a fantastic band, energetically choreographed dancers, and a beautiful multifunction stage set designed by world-renowned designer Baz Halpin (who has previously worked with Cher, Tina Turner, Pink, Michael Buble and Cirque de Soleil.)

After a brief illness which caused her to reschedule 4 of her earlier shows, Whitney has showed the world she is back in full force with a strong show to entertain her fans.

Whitney’s tour continues over the next two months in Europe.

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Dear Ms. Houston, I was just watching some clips of you on YouTube and your voice brought me to tears. I've listened to you since I was about 10 yrs old. and the soul and spirit of your voice still affect me the same. I am so glad to hear that you're on tour. It lifts the spirit of many to see you blessing the world with your gorgeous voice. Good luck and God bless.

Dear Whitney, Having heard all the negative press regarding your tour, I'm pleasantly surprised to see so many positive comments. However, there has to be some truth to the press reports and I have seen the you tube footage. I'm going to your concert tomorrow night in Dublin and I really hope it'll be good. If it turns out to be as bad as people have witnessed around the world i will expect a reimbursement. It's not fair to expect people to shell out alot of money and then provide them with a mediocre or even bad performance.

I've admired you since you're beginnings, I'm glad you got rid of your horrible husband and you're sorting your life out. But please, it's not fair to produce a show that isn't up to standard. I wish you luck for the future, stay off the drugs and come back when you're fit n ready. I will always love you........Kathryn, Dublin xxx

É isso aí!!!! e lá vai uma super dica p/ relembrar um dos grandes sucessos da nossa Whitney, no youtube, Whitney Houston in Brunei 1996 "I Will Always Love You", vale a pena conferir, DEMAIS!!!!!!

What a show in Dublin on Sunday, After all the years Hopeing to see whitney live, it was well worth the wait - What a Mega-Star , Whitney Rules - The Irish Love you !!!

Please! the show on sunday was awful

I was so happy to hear that Whitney Houston was back, and even better than ever.

In 1985 I was on a 5 month cruise with the U.S. Navy and I remember hearing Whitney's voice for the first time in middle of the Indian Ocean. Her music made those long, lonely days at sea brighter. She's been my favorite female vocalist ever since. Not only because of her instrument, but because of how that instrument moves us.

I don't know if she'll ever even read this, but if she does I want to sincerely thank her for sharing her talents with the world. Oh, and I also want to thank her for creating the best love-making music ever. Smile

Well done Whitney last night in the O2 Dublin you put on a great show dont mind the critics they haven't a clue you were fantasic. You Rocked keep smiling xx Smile

Went to see Whitney twice when she was in Dublin this week. Sat night was amazing but last night, Tuesday was simply stunning. The crowd adored her and the voice - no words can describe it. Out of this world. Thrilled to have you back Whitney!

I hope life treats you well. Stay strong and focused.

I just watched some youtube videos of Whitney in Nottingham. My girl is back. She's singing the high notes that I thought I would never hear from her mouth again. Sing Whitney Sing!! Keep warming up in Europe so you can kill it when you tour in the states.

Whitney Houston is and always will be "The Voice"