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I Look To You

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Whitney, as a child reared in the church myself, my mother being an ordained deaconess (Baptist church), I came to know you, love you and respect you for your God given talent. Here in the Bahamas, Bahamians who are fans (like myself), have never lost touch of the person we have always known as Whitney Houston. I love you so much and may not relate to your personal pain you’ve experience over the many years, but this message I’m sending you (should you ever get to read it) – comes from my heart . . . “I LOOK TO YOU!” Thanks for being who you are. Your music and inspiring lyrics over the many years have sharpened my vocals to perform at my best in my church choir. God’s eye is on the sparrow and I know He watches over YOU . . .”

great mix of upbeat and ballads. love it!

Whitney please come to Dallas I promise we will do ya right ..clark

Whitney we love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Whitney,
i am a brazilian fan. I want to say that i love you and that i am praying for you.
God bless you.

Whitney, Hi, My name is Tracy. I was wondering if you are coming to Minneapolis, Minnesota soon? I am your biggest fan, forreal. I am so proud of you with all your strength, you have been through alot. = & you are still on top of the World...love you much...
Send me an email to let me know about your tours ok.
Tracy - Minneaplis

Happy Birthday Whitney!!!! All Gods Best & Much Love!!!!

Whitney, your voice says it ALL!

Happy Birthday Baby, Wish you th e best from here and I always Thinkin of You. Have a good Time and enjoy....much love !

My Favirite song is : Some One For Me,