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I Look To You

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This album is hot! I am so happy to be able to communicate this to the whole world about my favourite Whitney. I am so insipired by her. Not her come back. She was always around, going through what everybody goes through in life. She has just given us what we've always been getting from her, entertainment through good music.
Rock on baby, rock on!!!

Brian Nkala - South Africa, Johannesburg

I Love the song I Look to You
Many can relate, I can relate
Look to Jesus

I Love the song I Look to You
Many can relate, I can relate
Look to Jesus

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZ5TAjJVSpI watch this please and leave a comment

I've always loved listening to whitney's music. She is down to earth and she demonstrates a style on never giving up. Whitney really loves with all she has.Her life is a good example for younger adults that dealing with issues that are simular to hers. I know this is a comment on your music Whitney, but I love all your music, and I don't know when I will get to write again. This is just a personal opinion Whitney, but I really think Chris Brown could make a wonderful song with you. Take care of yourself and write me if you get a chance.

Whitney I have to tell u that u really out did urself on the album, u still sound amazing and im loving every second of it. I love every one of ur songs, keep doing ur thing girl and may God bless u to the fullest. U hit the spot when it comes to ur songs and i cant describe how much u encourage me and keep me going. I love u always.
Love ya
Philicia Weatherly


thanx for all the love through the years! i am happy to see you live in berlin, soon!
this way i am sending you some love, i got your back no matter what!

much LOVE and GOD bless,

Vava from Lubango- Angola
It was realy amazing,ur plz Keep on doing what u know very well and u love it, by doing so, u keep so many of us live, and in love, thanx for all the love u brought to my life by I LOOK TO YOU, my God bless you now and ever Amem. I LOVE YOU

Saludos desde Chile.

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