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I Look To You Countdown!


Whitney's highly-anticipated new album, I Look To You, is available everywhere 08/31/09. Mark your calendars and start counting down the days!!

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Yes, I believe her true talent will show on this album!

It's the the day that I most wait for! I love you Whitney!

Wow! Time is zipping by. I can't believe we are just a week away from the CD being released. We waited all this time, and now that things are rolling, it's surreal. That first week of September is going to be very special indeed. Whitney, Whitney, Whitney, and more Whitney. Oh, and I am getting married that week. My poor spouse is really going to see the Whitney fan come out in me! I hope I don't get divorced over Whitney...............lol.


This is almost too much for my heart to bare. Whitney was my fav singer growing up. Glad to know she's making a HUGE COMEBACK!!!!!!! Go Get em' Whitney!!!!!

Million Dollar Bill and Salute are HIT tracks. The best!!!!!!! They need good promotion. World have to listen to these new songs. Please, we need a video for MDB, I cannot wait for watch it

Hello Everyone !!! Can you give me a HELL YAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is what many people have been dreaming of .

Whitney let me tell you , no matter how many new singers , producers etc cam after you , my mom would always remind me:I am still missing my girl, cause nobody does it quite liker her................

Welcome HOME Whitney !!! Thank you to Clive Davis !!!!!! You are amazing and like my fellow web friend said , everybody should have a friend like Clive Davis!!!

Whitney's songs gives me GOOSEBUMPS like I have nevr felt before !!!

Simple songs , but OH YOUR MAGIC!!!

When I listen to your songs I can sense the intensity of your voice of how mature and full of character it is .

Of a woman who lived and has much to show the world .

Nobody said life would be easy , but what a blessing it is if you can share your talent with the world and make it a better place .

All my love from Ashlene and the family back at in Hanover Park , Cape Town , South Africa!!!!!!

We love you girl!!!!


Been waiting for a long time for this. No one sings like Whitney Houston.

Soulful, Emotional, Meaningful, Unbiased, Not commercial, Modern, Unique, Well marketed.

Whitney Houston, Clive Davis, and the Arista team, Thank you.

Nine days left before I am standing in front of the bathroom mirror "jacking up" all of Whitney's new songs. Lawd, help me please. I'm about to burst!

Can´t wait to get the CD. I love her voice even more than before, it´s more mature, soulful and intensive. And by the way, I Look To You is very beautiful and touching song, it makes even man cry... Wink