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Whitney To Be Honored at the 2010 BET Honors


Whitney is among the few living legends set to be honored at the 2010 BET Honors Ceremony. Join the rest of the world in congratulating Whitney on BET, Monday February 1st, 9/8c.

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Hey Whitney, I love you soo much. I just saw your performance on youtube of "I didnt know my own strength" and it was amazing. I couldn't help but shed tears when you paused toward the end of the song because I know how it is to sing a song that comes from the heart and a song you actually lived. I get so choked up sometimes and I just can't sing another note so i know how you felt. I can relate to that song soo much because after all I went through I didn't know I had the strength to get thorugh it. Especially you Whitney, the world know some of what you been through but thank God he gave you the strength to get through it all is spite of all the haters and the media. I still say they haven't seen nothng yet because you have more in store for us. Love you soo much Whitney. I grew up listening to you most of my life. When I sing some people say I sound similar to you, and I'm guessing because I listen to you soo much. It has been requested for me to sing "I look to you" by a bride at her wedding, don't worry, I won't muck it up, I'll do it justice. Anybody just can't sing a Whitney song, either ya got it or ya don't, that's my motto. So bye for now Whitney, I loove you so much and stay strong and keep the faith God is on your side and so am I. I'll always be praying for you as always, I'm soo glad the Lord heard my prayers concerning you. God Bless.

god bless you whitney i love your strength and your always in my prayers. you are sounding amazing bye the way loved your ama perfomance. your russian concerts were awsome your voice is back cant wait to see you in glasgow. peace xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ms. Whitney I have been playing your album every since I purchased it and I love the whole album but there's one song that really touched my heart and it is I DIDN'T KNOW MY OWN STRENGTH. I cried when I heard the song for the first time and that was when you were on the OPRAH WINFREY SHOW. My heart was full and I couldn't do anything but cry trying to sing the song along with you. YOU JUST KEEP YOUR HEAD UP LIKE YOU HAVE AND GOD WILL CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU AND YOUR BABY LITTLE BOBBIE KRISTINA. I TELL YOU MS. WHITNEY YOU HAVE THIS GLOW UPON YOU THAT REALLY MAKES YOU LOOK REFRESHED. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

To Whitney I say congratulations on being honored at this years BET Honors, no one deserves it more. Love you so much!

Hey Whitney when are we gonna make a performance of "Salute" on your new album! That song has hit big time here in North Carolina and South Carolina! There is actually an unofficial video on you tube of that song you should check it out! Smile Who ever did it did a awesome job on it! Just wanted to say we love you and are so excited you came back we have truly missed you!!

Whitney I have been a fan of yours since day one. Congrats on the Honors at the BET Awards. Love U so much and I also wanted to say that Im very happy U are back better then ever U go girl we have missed U so much. Off the Album my song on there is I Got You. U blew that song out of the water and ever time I play that song I Cry. And I can play that song over and over and over on repeat in my car. Keep up the good work. Love U.

Congratulations Ms. Whitney on being honored.. U truly deserve n I admire u for your strength.. An your appearance on OPRAH, to set the record straight.. No one can judge for they have not walked in your shoes.. I have been a huge fan of your since " You Give Good Love" So Emotional, & Gotta Be Where You Are (my flashback favorite). N Love is A Contact Sport--- U deserve the best Whitney n I admire you for all that u have done n continue to do.. Love ya much

God bless the broken road that led you straight to this moment. Love to you Whitney always and forever.

I'm so glad to see her back where she belongs. She is the result of so many prayers that have gone up for her and her family. From one Houston family to another, to my sister in Christ, God bless you and your career. For you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Keep the faith Whitney.

Shine Whitney Shine, I am so glad God has you back on top where he first set you to be... Our God is good, and he loves you and all of us... Thank you BET for taking the time to honor the best female artist of all time..