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Whitney's style

Hi Whitney,

I am an older woman who has enjoyed your music ever since you burst upon the scene and I've been following you ever since. God comes out in your voice and that ain't never gonna change no matter what life throws at you.

I guess the Lord wanted me to speak on this today and I am just going to go with it. I wanted to make some comments on your style and I hope you do not take offense, but I just felt the need to speak on the real to you. As a person who enjoyes great style and flair with panache and elan, I wanted to say that I have always wondered why you wear wigs?. I wasn't sure if your stylist were leading you down that road or what. As I am not in the music industry I didn't know if it is because of your hectic touring scheudle, or what. However, having said all of that, I want to say I am dismayed at what I am seeing. Remember your first album release where you wore short, short hair, girl you were absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Try going that way again.

You are a naturally beautiful, wonderful lady and you should reflect your natural beauty. I think less is more and it absolutely distresses me to see you with a ton of make-up! you really do not need a lot. Foundation on you ruins your look...to me and ages you. It shows in the photographs. I looked at your latest album cover and got really pissed. I was like who is styling Miss Whitney cause they just are not cutting it! That big Texas hair, so not you girl! Go simple Whiteny, less is more and certainly more you. And those blond wigs do nothing for you. I wish you would go back to your natural style and let your natural beauty come out. Come out from those wigs chile! Your latest cover album makes you look years old and it is not flattering you in the least. I would have fired that stylist that dressed you for that. You were coming back and you needed to make a statement. It was lukewarm at best to me. You looked like a grandmother in that photo! I asked myself, who is dressing Whitney now! No offense meant to your stylist, but it just isn't working. I personally have always liked you when you used less make up and wore your hair naturally and presented an edgier look.

I know that blond hair is in now for most African Americans, I too wear my hair blond, but it has to work for you. Those blond wigs are not working for you. Well some of them do. I like the bob look that looks more edgy and flatters you more. I think darker hair brings out the honey skin pigments in your skin tone and it shows more in your photographs. Please get a stylist that knows what they are doing! I think when you allow your face to be shown more, not covered up with BIG HAIR, and tons of foundation, that's when you look your absolute stunning best. Foundation on black women RUINS YOUR SKIN! Before you know it you'll have sking that stays messed up. Perhaps some mosiurizer and lipstick and eye makeup will do it. That really works for you because you have really gorgeous eyes and your height really makes you look stunning, if dressed in the right clothing.

I dont' know if its your stylist or what, but I think you can do much better. I've seen a few photographs where you really look very up to the minute, the ones where you are wearing boots and the bob length are really cool.

As for your latest album, well I am a die hard Whitney fan, but you know what, I would like to hear you sing, more thoughtful songs, something that really reflects what you've been through as opposed to what we've heard in the past. I love most of what you have done, but that's just it. Been there, done that. Do something new and inspiring, but keeping in step with what makes Whitney, well, Whitney. You really shine when you do a jazzy, ballard kind of layout. Mix it up with some of your gospel and girl, you have got a real winner on your hands. I'm just sayin.

I want you to soar, go in a new direction, but be on the real and I think you will seal the deal. Stop wearing a lot of make up, YOU DON'T NEED IT and STOP WITH THE BLOND WIGS, the really light wigs are not doing it. They make you look country! I did like like the bronze blond that was kicking and your natural hair color would still work. Your face understandably looks a little fuller now which is ok because you are older and a mother, so I would not go with the BIG TEXAS HAIR, so not you and it shows. Go with the bob with an edgier cut or really short, short, STUNNING on you and find some new and inspiring designers, such as have you checked out Ralph Rucci, you are model tall so you could work it, or some new faboulous designer up and coming. Go girl and find yourself. Listen to your inner voice and I know you've got one cause you've been touched by God...it's in your voice. Oh yes and continue to meditate, pray, lemon/honey/rest those vocal cords and that voice will come back girl, it will.

Remember, God said...Be still and know thyself" Let Whitney's voice come through and all her stunning "natural beauty". Amen now!

Love you with all my prayers and blessings