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Another #1 for Whitney


CONGRATULATIONS to Whitney as "Million Dollar Bill" hits NUMBER ONE on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs Chart!

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Yes! Up were she belong! Love you Whitney!

I'm so very happy for you however I'm not at all surprised. God had already revealed to me that He was gonna raise you up. I told a few of my friends but they did not believe me . God made them a believer. May God continue to bless you and your family.

Carol Smith
Beaumont, Tx.

Whiteny is just awesome........she deserves our best support deeeep from within our hearts...especially in the upcoming tour...

She definately is an example for those of us who have been trodded on and pass on by our all too judgmental society....

She kept the faith fought a good fight and now give the gift of music to the all four corners of the world...

BY her example...we need to obligate ourselves to spend quality time with someone in needs. Her songs inspire and touch deep within the very core of our hearts....

Love unconditionally....and the world will be a better place......

Well Done Whitney !! Truely Amazing Smile

Well done Whitney. I love u so much.

Don't listen to those haters. You r what the world needs more of right now; real, authentic ppl who care for others.
Please keep singing. God: I pray that whitney gets better at singing and her voice gets stronger. Keep her going strong and please let her know we all love her.

I was just listening to I Look to You. It is an amazing song and it brought tears to my eyes. Thank You for gracing the world with your amazing instrument.
You are an idol especially for those who have been through their troubles, fought with their demons and want to get back on their feet.

God bless you, Whitneyxxx:)

Year a new that that would happen i pray for it 6 jears long .
I have always said that she will return long before the rumors and look now she done it .
Also i said that the album wil reach the top in no time and that to has happend .
I am not a religies person but Whitney makes my believe and feel that there is more in the world then hate alone . Notning but love from Whitney (lol) .
All i can say Whitney please keep on singing and make more albums together whith Akon , Alicia keys and R.Kelly they have done a great job .
My favorite songs of the album are in folowing order :
I got you
Million dollar bill
I didnt my own strenght
A song for you ( i realy like this new version) .

Whitney is the best forever and i will always love you .

Greetz to you to all Whitney fans We the ones that have a bright smile on oure face,s

Whitney we all love you and we knew you could over come this and become a new you.. We Salute you.

Thank you all of those who enjoy the music....great efforts and tireless nights have gone into the development....

The messages within each song is to touch lives who need the inspirational to go forward...Whitney definately delivers to willing fans.

It's wonderful to hear from the fan base...keep up the spirit...and enjoy the music......

Best Wishes

Whitney, I don't do sites but was led by the Lord God to leave you with this site:

God has delivered you from a pit. Jesus has rescued you. He wants first place in your life.

Hi Whitney are wondeful, congratulations...I hope God protect you aways and we are praying for you visit Brazil please. We love you.kisses

"Snow and storms kill the flowers, but nothing can against the seeds".
(Khalil Gibran, Lebanon philosopher)