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Fotos Exclusivas de la Última Aparición de Whitney!


Whitney asistió la semana pasada en Inglaterra a la fiesta de cumpleaños del Príncipe de Brunei, junto a otras celebridades como Hilary Swank, Usher, Faye Dunaway, Eva Longoria, Mariah Carey, Adrian Brody y muchas otras más. Mira más abajo las nuevas fotos exclusivas de Whitney en la fiesta de cumpleaños!

Fotografía de: Philip Dent

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Simply the best .Always you are in our hearts.Lovely Whitney.With love Valentine.

Dear Whitney.
I felt a lot of hapiness when I saw you free and as beautiful as ever. I say this because the last news I had of you, you were in jail for troubles with drugs. I hope this time you keep in mind you have a lot of love around you..become your only drug the love of God. With his love God give you a great gift of your voice, and the love of all the people (includeing me) that love your music and your voice. Keep yourself strong and if sometimes you feel the weaknes for drugs or feel lonely... remember you are not alone, just close your eyes and you will feel our love and the love of God "I always love you" like your song says.. God bless you ever.

Belissíma e única!