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I Look To You
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Whiterabbit, we love you back, Nippian !!! I'm very happy that thirteen billion and a half of Nippians are following our beloved Nippy !!! This gives us the certainty that Whitney lives in billion of hearts that love her, really !!! Thanks, to several pages of fans in social networks who are keeping the great name, from Whitney Houston always on top of the world !!! Phil, we love you !! Karen, we love you too!!! Count with us, friend !!! A hug, too big for all Nippians around the world !!! IWALY, Nippy!!!<3 <3 NBL <3 <3 Love

Here I am! How is everyone? Has anyone noticed that Whitney's site now has more than 13 1/2 billion followers? That's a lot of Nippians! Smile
Kimberlyn, darling, where are you? Did you get blocked out again? I'm still waiting for your story on the News page. I cannot believe Phil is gone.
I don't have Facebook nor Twitter on my phone, but I do have the Whitney Houston website! I need to be in constant touch with my fellow Nippians. I love you guys!
NBL Love