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I Look To You
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My Whiterabbit dear, here in Brazil, all is well, thank the good Lord!! It is always a pleasure, getting news of you, my friend!!! We continue praying for our baby Krissi for that God restores, her health that much, worries us, but always, in the faith that He is listening to us. Kimberlyn is passing in a harsh winter, but is well with your family. I hope Karen is also well in the grace of God!! Our dear Whitney continues very much alive among us and always present in our ears, always and forever!! God bless you with peace, health, and much love in your heart!! NBL Love

Hey Nippians!!! How is everyone?? Beautiful weather over here in California. Kimberlyn, is it warming up at all in New Jersey? Dirlene, how are things over there in Brazil, my friend? I hope everyone is doing great. Karen, my thoughts are with you and your sons. Are we all still celebrating Whitney Houston?! Because everyone is honoring the family's wishes for privacy while Krissi recovers from her health, it leaves anxious wonder as to her progress. The answer is in our hearts. Love will save the day. <3 NBL