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Love u Whitney..........

Dear God...thank you for allowing Whitney to continue touching our lives with that angelic voice. No matter how they try and bring her down, she still looks to YOU!...Whitney please know that you are in my prayers EVERYDAY. You are a beautiful creation! keep up the GREAT work... I LOVE YOU!!!...AESE BurgessJr.

Hi Whitney, i am also a fan of Dionne Warwick. i am AnnLavette Lockhart, East Orange, NJ and i would like to let u know that you are in my prayers. I told my Pastor Jonathan Bond of Crossroads Rescue Mission COG at 985 18th Ave in Newark, NJ 07106 to continue praying for u and family. 973-675-1683 I also would like to say, please turn back to God, he was your 1st love Whitney. He is also is married to a backslider. Repent, pray and accept Him back into your life. Let Him bless your vocal cords, heal them and set u free from this sinful world. and your adversary has nothing to offer but death and hell use your voice for His glory., Please email me and let me know in any way except financially, what i can do to help u.

Whitney, I know that you have been through a lot. And I feel that people have been to hard on you. Just know that you need to please GOD. You will never be able to please people. But if you please GOD, that is all that is required. I have always loved you and your voice. Keep looking to GOD, you have a lot of gifts from the Lord, but one of those is the gift of singing. Keep working your gifts and may God continue to bless you.~~~Rev. Teresa Coleman

A música I Look to You foi um conforto para o meu coração em muitas horas dificeis da minha vida e me ajudou a enfrentar todos os desafios que passei Graças à Deus, a música é um instrumento poderoso nas mãos de Deus, e me tocou profundamente , muito obrigada Whitney,agradeço à Deus por sua vida e pelo dom que Deus lhe deu,Um beijo Marcia.


I just wanted to say that I still really enjoy your music and your videos. As a Dj I have seen your music be transformed into many different styles and each and everyone is AWSUME!!!

I have to say that I can not say that I have any one specific song that I like best; it is really a multiple tie.

My Love Is Your Love,
I Will Always Love You,
It’s Not Right,
But it’s Okay and of coarse
I Look To You.

I have seen that some of your live shows have not turned out the way you were hoping ( vocally ) All those years that Bob and you were married has taken a toll on you physically, mentally and on your career. But with such a strong and beautiful voice and sexy appearance you are sure to rebound better than ever. Just stay focused and keep God in your life.

I compare you to Lauren Hill, another great artist that has stepped out of her career, loosing sight of the goal ( making great classic music ) Luckily you have found God again and started on your comeback journey.

Rest assures your journey will not take that long.

When yeah walking around your home, just belt out those classic of yours at the top of your voice. ( that would be an awesome sight see, to just be able to sit back and close my eyes to listen to ) YEAH!!!!

You really are one of those far and between artist that sound as good in person as on stage.

Another artist is Luciano ( reggae singer ) Seen him live at a live club in Hamilton, Ontario – Canada and I was amazed at the quality of his voice and singing live.

You can get that God sent voice back in shape. Your appearance is as beautiful as always and you were truly blessed that you have a wonderful personality, beautiful looks and a voice that makes a song, only a Whitney Houston song.

You know they say that some artist can make a song all theirs, I am referring to Lauren Hill, Mariah Carey, Diana Ross, Freddie Mercury and Micheal Jackson and of coarse you.

To be honest I have hear other sing all these artist songs, and I admit the originals were always better, but NO ONE can come the slights bit close to resigning your songs and making them sound even close to sounding as good.

They say that when someone remakes your song, it is flattery, but some artist and songs should never be touched. ( names mention above )

Well I just wanted to say, stay strong and if yeah ever in Toronto feel free to stop by and say hi. LOL

Best of luck sweets and keep making those classics and keep practicing, because I need more song to play at the night at the club so everyone can rub up and dance.


Do you have any idea how many children R. Kelly, Keith Sweet, Brandy and you are responsible for?

There has to be millions of children born all over the world that are the result of that one dance from all your music.

WOW you know your music is good when people want to make love to your music and not war. John Lennon would be proud....



O que tenho a dizer sobre a minha rainha Whitney Houston é I will always love you , eu te amo demais , te amo não por ser a garota do guarda costa, aliás sua voz pra mim , ficou muito mais interessante e maravilhosa , a partir do disco MY LOVE IS YOUR LOVE e JUST WHITENEY, adoro seu comportamento no palco , seu jeito , os seus gritos YEAH, UHUUU. OH YES , é tudo muito maravilhoso, eu te amo demais, tenho todos seus disco ,de carreira ,e disco de vinis, dvds , revistas , como no Brasil não se produz os discos singles eu encomendo de importadoras, já tenho I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU , STEP BY STEP, IM EVERY WOMAN,QUEEN OF THE NIGHT,I LEARN FROM THE BEST,ON MY OWN, meu quarto é um verdadeiro " santuário Whitney Houston", muito obrigado por I LOOK TO YOU , o dia do lançamento parecia ser meu aniversário, não passo um dia sem ouví-la, desde 1996 que sou fã, as melhores coisas que já aconteceram comigo esse ano foram: Quando eu ouví I look to you pela 1° vez , chorei muito, não parava de chorar , era muito maravilhoso aquilo, sei que Whitney não faz idéia que ela provoca isso . E quando promoveram uma festa numa boate em Copacabana, aquí no Rio de Janeiro em homenagem ao lançamento do álbum I LOOK TO YOU, foi muito lindo . enfim sonho com um dia poder ver Whitney de perto cho que eu não iria conseguir assistir ao show, pois eu não ia parar de chorar , mas aguardo esse dia.

Beijos minha diva e rainha NIPPY

I enjoy your music greatly. You're a rock that will be there forever; you've been to hell and definately came back. What you've been through I believe can break the spirit of most living men. You are one of the few who were able to come back. I really admire you, you're the perfect example and MY HERO.