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Friends, my feelings for over this tragedy of nature in your country. I get very sad when these things happen. I can only pray to God, asking for protection for you guys. God bless America!!

I don't know what happened to Kimberlyn. I hope she's alright. I haven't heard that there was a storm in New Jersey.

Whiterabbit, the tornado hit the city of Oklahoma City!! Seems that have already died, 91 people. Very sad.

I'm doing fine ladies, I've been so busy with closing out for the last day of school and trying to get cheap tickets to LA...It's not looking good..

Hey girls, right now I'm listening to Radio TWV. I'm loving listening to our Queen, with her wonderful voice!! Now Whitney is singing Where You Are. Love this song, incidentally, all!!

Thewhitneyvault - Whitney Houston
LIVE NOW !!!!!!!
Whitney Houston-Quiet Strom
Listen to TWV Houston voice and sounds now, and tell what you think!

Dear Nippians, it is with a heavy heart that I share the news of the passing of my dear friend, who transitioned tonight at 7pm PST from bladder cancer due to excessive smoking. BTW, her lungs were clear until she became congested toward the end as often happens. If you know someone who is a heavy smoker and says the dr. told them their lungs are clear, please explain to them that they may develop bladder cancer if they continue smoking. It is very common.

You have 5 days to get here, Kimberlyn. Is there not even a red -eye?? Forget LAX, how about a flight to Burbank Airport? You might have to lay over in Chicago or something. Who cares....whatever it takes!

I feel sorry for your friend, Whiterabbit. May God have her booked a good place in his paradise!!

Thank you, DiWhitney. She was such a beautiful person, I am sure God booked her a nice, fancy room in Paradise.

Whitrabbit!! Help!! I'm drawing near to the deadline and everything is so expensive. I'm also very sorry to hear about your friend's passing! I know how it feels to lose someone close to you! She's in god's hands now!