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Whitney - London Event - 1

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WHitney, you look great i never turned my back on you not for one minute... Girl you are the BEST. God sits high and look down low and he knows best keep your head high>> LOVE YOU!!!

i love you

Whitney will always be the Love of my Life that I will never have. But what a sweet thought!!!

Whitney Looks GREAT!! and to Whitney...I will always love you!!
Warren Irvin Jones
Columbia, South Carolina

wow! whitney looks great , good luck !!

You are so beautiful, your smile is unforgeable.Happiness,God bless you, He's always with you.Kisses Marcia

"Always love to see her looking great & smiling"

Praise God, Whitney was always so fresh & clean---no matter what!

Wonderful she looks so elegant and I am so sad she had to leave us so quick we really were starting to get our Whitney back

She looks great!!! I love Whitney from my heart!! God bless her, wish I had, had the chance to meet her, now I have to wait and hope that I see her one day!! R.I.P.. Always!! Your true and loyal fan forever!! x