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Whitney on Oprah Today!


Don't miss Oprah's exclusive interview with Whitney Houston today on the season premiere of The Oprah Winfrey Show! Be sure to check your local listings for air times. And don't forget to tune in tomorrow for part 2 of Oprah's exclusive interview, when Whitney will perform "I Didn't Know My Own Strength"!!

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What an inspirational story and with such a happy ending. This is evidence that our God is alive and no matter what the situation, if you pray, believe and put your faith in our God, all things are possible. Whitney has made a comeback. Not only is she an inspiration to her young daughter, but to millions of others, that are glad to see her back "among the living". Thanks to the prayers of all and the love of her mother, with God's help she is back as a "guiding light". It is evident that she still has much to live for. May our God continue to bless you!!


Whitney, I am so happy you are back, I have always loved you and your voice! And I am so happy for you. To know the hell you went thru, and then to come back so great makes me cry tears of joy for you. Lucy

Whitney I am not ordering your new album from here, because I'm going to buy it tomorrow, and ordering is not fast enough! I type data on a computer system all day at work, and we are allowed to listen to music, so guess what I'll be listening to the next day!!! That's right, YOUR NEW ALBUM! Congrats on your come back. Remember when you feel down, they're alot of people out who love you!!

Whitney, I am so proud of you, the courage it took to stand before God and your fans with a humbled heart. I have loved you through it all. The good the bad and the ugly. I knew that one day you would find the love for yourself once again and return with that beautiful smile and positive energy you give when you perform. Thank you for returning to us with that beautiful voice of yours. I love you Whitney

Gosh Whitney...you're interview with Oprah was soooo very beautiful, strong, honest and just fabulous!! You know, we all have to deal with things in our own time...we all have our crosses to bear...the only difference is every detail of your life was broadcasted because you were an icon while everybody else's trials and struggles happen in their lives with less piercing, nosey eyes and ears.

You are PLAIN AWESOME! And I'm glad you chose to do the interview with Oprah...she took care of you and had your best interests at heart cause, unlike some of the other large media, Oprah truly loves you, wants to see you succeed and would NEVER attempt to exploit you directly or indirectly.

...and you look absolutely stunning to boot! Smile this is YOUR TIME WHITNEY! God Bless You!

I would like to thank both you Whitney and Oprah for amazing interview that you presented to the world. Just a little about myself I am married 24 with a 2 year old daughter, i was raised by my grandmother because my mother was addicted to drugs but now we are best friends. She is a wonderful grandmother and I thank God daily for bringing her through her illness because now I am in my own situation legally and she is there for me in amazing ways. But anyway this interview touched me in so many ways spirtually and emotionally to the strength that Whitney possessed despite all that she has been through she still leaves all her faith in the lord. Seeing that strength instantly changed my outlook on my own life and spirtuality, I had a already started going to church and studying my word but it like now I have a burning in my soul. You know everyone's story touches someones for one reason or another and your touched my life, I'm asking now to bless me with a mustard seed of strength so that I can make it on my own one day because i too am tired of my current situation. Immediatly after the interview I went to itunes and downloaded I Look to You and have been talking to you non-stop every song is touching me. Thank you Whitney for coming back well blessing us with some good music again, I wish I could talk to you personally to truely express how I feel but thank you again for changing my life.

Whitney I am very proud of you...I love the fact that you have no regrets because your journey brought you to where you are now. I must say that you are in a wonderful place you have peace and love and the power of God in your life. Now just sit back and continue to watch God work in your life. What a beautiful daughter you have, she looked like Bobby when she was younger but now she looks so much like you...she is gorgeous just like her mommy!!!!! Love you my strong sister in Christ!!!!!

Whitney you are an amazing vessel and we are so proud to have God use you and your life as an example that we can make it and triumph through anything. As you mentioned on Oprah, you are not regretful of anything. Of course not, for your story will forever be a proof that we can overcome all things with the help of God (or whatever higher power we choose to believe in).

We also commend you for attempting to salvage and stay in your marriage for the long haul and at any cost. No one knows the extent of your personal struggles but we do know that you're on the road to conquering it all. You have helped me and countless others with your journey and we love you for that.

We love you for you. We love you for your gifts. We love you for the example you are to the world. We love you Whitney for showing us that with hard work, preserverence and above all FAITH, anything is possible.

You've been a personal inspiration to the huemanlife.com family and we wanted to express that to you on your website. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Our prayers were and will continue to always be with you.

And remember, we look to you! Our motto and tagline is "Motivate...Look Good...Feel Great...Enjoy Life." You are the epitome of all of it. God Bless you Whitney today and always.

- JAI (founder/editorial director)

You are beautiful inside and out!
I am thrilled for your reconnection with your Lord.
He's been waiting for you!
I have never doubted that you would not come back and give me the pleasure of your voice like you have for so many years!
Keep it up.
I am praying for you.

You've got it and always will!