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Whitney's Performance on Oprah Leaves Oprah Amazed!


Check out Oprah's latest tweet from Whitney's taping!

"In search of ceiling repairmen. Cause Whitney just BLEW THE ROOF off of Harpo. Grown men & women weeping in the aisles."

Don't miss the most anticipated music interview of the century when Oprah interviews Whitney on September 14th and 15th!

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I can not wait to see it too.. its going to blow l those haters out.. but you know they still going to try to find something to critize her.. I can not wait till it airs.. I am so excited and happy for Whitney.

While music lovers mourn the death of m jackson.Its so fitting to the time that a beautiful champion is back.when i want heart warming music.I look to you whitney.you are simply the best .tougher than all the rest.This song has touched my heart.you are beautiful just like your music.I have always loved all your music since i was little and the fire keeps burning with every great release.God bless you withney.Keep looking to him as he has cleared your path.no more falling only homeruns from here. And I will always love you and your music.Keep shinning.from your fan

You know when I heard salute yes you did hold it down mind you. You know how man are if nothing ain't going their way ooh s***. That's why you learn from the best you Ms Whitney houston. Let them know theirs no time for roll play becuse you got a job a Million dollar one.Now can you match me...... Lol...... Thank you.

Whitney, I am a singer - and I can sing! I, lord have mercy, have travel the same hard road. Believe me anointed sister, take care of your body and keep the faith and ALL will be restored to you. If you ever need to know how this restoring blessing works; I will share my testimony. Just never let the negative in. We know the voice is blessed according to....well let''s just say how we weather our test.. Know you are still at 110%. I have been there and know how her restores the anointing. Make a great video and call the shots as to when the voice is saying "Yes", you have earned that call and continue to inspire us all. My beautiful sister, mother and inspirational figure it is as if you never left.

OMG thank you whitney for coming back.I've waited for a new cd from you for so long and i must say it was something to wait for.I have'nt popped it out of my cd player since tuesday your release date.Tyler perry was not fibbing when he said it was a must have.Stay strong and remember your family and friends love you through it all.

Oprah & Whitney- Enough said!!! Two of the most powerful and successful women(I mean people) in the world!!!! Whitney I cant wait to see you live again!!! "THE VOICE IS GONNA TAKE OVER 2009_2010 LUV

Whitney, I told them even before the album was released that you meant business. I can't wait to see and hear you shut down those harsh critics and fair-weathered fans! You are and forever will be "The VOICE"!

By Kirill aka MeSingForever ''She said SALUTE and she Didn't know her own strengh ,but.....she has always GOT YOU!!!We have been waiting for 6 years but she really worth it!!And now she feels like Million Dollar Bill and she has nothin' but love!!!!That's why she sings for the lovers like she has always sing!!!!But she will call you tonight to sing a song only for you!It really feels like she has never left us and that's all because........ she looks to you!!

Thanks GOD you are BAAAAACK!!!! I KNEW IT ALL THE TIME Smile)))

i`m overhappy that you are good and doing well.... i thank GOD for protecting you during your tough time....

i have a tough time right now (my mom i sick)... and your Album says everything....
thank you for helping me to deal with it.....

i love you and may god bless and protect you beyond.


i forgot....


I loved and i will always love you......

kisses.... Sexy