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GMA Sneak Peak Video!


Whitney Houston will be performing on Good Morning America Tomorrow, 09/02/09, and we've got a sneak peak of the show! Check out the fantastic video below. The GMA performance airs at 7:00am EST on ABC but be sure to check back here at for additional behind-the-scenes content! The Diva Returns!

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I have been waiting for the release of your new album for weeks!!! I love your album.. You are back!!

I never post....but girl, you rock! Absolutely beautiful. God Bless Always.

I just watched Whitney sing "I look to you" on Good Morning America and tears just started coming out of my eyes. Wow, she is so gifted, God has blessed her with a voice and talent like no other! I am so glad she is back, I've missed her!

I am so thankful to see what the Lord has done in your life and so appreciative of your praying mom. You are an inspiration to all us moms who have daughters that have lost their way. There is always hope in God. Whitney keep "looking to Him". You are an amazing woman not because of your accomplishments but because of who you are!

Whitney, I just saw you on GMA, you look great!!! The album will be a hit, we've waited a long time and now your back!!! May God continue to show you his LOVE and MERCY today and always. Keep the faith. YOUR BEAUTIFUL, AWESOME, TALENTED, AND A CHILD OF GOD!!! YOU ROCK!!

I watched you on GMA this morning, you done great, keep on keeping on. Look to the good stuff, not to the bad stuff being said. It is great that you have the courage to get back out there. And I love the new songs.

I am so glad you are singing again. Your voice is a gift from God and is a wonderful blessing. I Love to hear you sing it was awsome to see you well and feeling alive! We have been waiting a long time for you to come back and with the Lords help here you are. God bless you and your family. Thanks the new album can't to here it.

You did a great job today Whitney and you showed so much courage, strength, convinction, and a willingneses to perservere. I love what you did today and I congratualate you on a job well done on your return and very welcome, Welcome back. It says alot about you and your career that it is more than about signing but it is about willingness to perservere, truth, honesty, courage, intelligence, support, and an ability to perservere, AND a great song. And you had a great song Today. I Look to You/Didn't know My Own Strengh are my faviorte songs these songs make me feel good and that I can face my situation which makes me feel heartbroken and that there is NO way out but I can relate to these songs and when I hear them, they make me think that I can. They help me to look to God and make me look to God, and overlook my situation to believe I can. I fell in love with these songs and they make me feel good despite... the place that I am in. You are and continue to be one of my Faviorte Singer/Songwriters AND Thank You for these two beloved songs that (which) help me to feel in these hard trying moments in my life. Secondly, I love you and your mother's relationship. It's a great thing that you got her in your life and that she could be there for you and that you could exeriecnce that love now and continually. Be stong, Be full of perservere, Be encouraged, and most of all be blessed and filled with PEACE. I will ALWAYS SUPPORT YOU!!!!!! AND ALL THAT YOU DO.

Whitney I remember when I heard your voice singing "If you say my eyes are beautiful " with Jermaine Jackson . I said that woman has a voice from heaven and I had to find out who you were. I was a fan ever since and now I have every record you have recorded including you new album. I love you Whitney and I don't care what anybody say about you because your every woman to me.

Thank You God for bringing Whitney back safe and in good health.WE LUV U WHITNEY!