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BET Plans to Honor Whitney Houston at the BET Awards


BET announced plans to pay tribute to Whitney Houston during the BET Awards. Whitney Houston's mother, Cissy Houston, will perform alongside other top female artists to honor Whitney's life.

Make sure to tune in to the BET Awards on Sunday, July 1st.

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What a magnificent treat to hear Cissy Houston sing to honor her baby girl's life! 'Don't know how that woman carries on. The world will be watching!

Whitney deserves all the accolades the world every moment of love she gave us. I do not get tired of loving her because her songs have brought me much happiness. I love you Whitney!!!

Whitney merece todas as homenagens do mundo por todos os momentos de amor que ela nos deu. Eu não me canso de amá-la porque suas canções me trouxeram muita felicidade. Amo você Whitney!!!!!!!!

I'm watching the show now that Whitney made ​​here in Brazil in the city of Rio de Janeiro on January 23, 1994. This concert was just wonderful and I realized my dream of seeing my Diva showing that it was best that others do not, your voice beautiful Angel of God. In this concert she was glad of life because we have shown the immense love we felt for her. She looked beautiful and sang like nobody in this world sing. I have all his albums, I have four DVDs, I have several videos on my phone and have it in my heart. Four months ago I only hear Whitney and by the end of my life I hear it. Our Nippy is more alive than ever in our hearts. Please turn all the concerts on DVDs Whitney All his fans around the world deserve this gift. I love you Angel of Love!!!

Estou assistindo agora o concerto que a Whitney fez aqui no Brasil na cidade do Rio de Janeiro em 23 de janeiro de 1994. Este concerto foi simplesmente maravilhoso e eu realizei o meu sonho de ver minha Diva mostrando o que ela tinha de melhor que os outros não tem, sua voz linda de Anjo de Deus. Neste concerto ela estava feliz da vida porque nós mostramos o imenso amor que sentíamos por ela. Ela estava linda e cantou como nunca ninguém cantará neste mundo. Eu tenho todos os seus álbuns, tenho quatro DVDs, tenho vários vídeos em meu celular e tenho-a dentro do meu coração. Há quatro meses só ouço Whitney e até o fim da minha vida vou ouvi-la. A nossa Nippy está mais viva do que nunca em nossos corações. Por favor, transformem todos os concertos da Whitney em DVDs. Todos os seus fans ao redor do mundo merecem este presente. Amo você Anjo do Amor!!!!!!!!!

The Tribute to Whitney Houston on the 2012 BET AWARDS was; in a word: FaBulous!!!!! Each Song was Tastefully Delivered. I truly felt the LOVE LEGACY that Whitney gave with her music in each person singing her songs. It was plain to see how she left her mark on the generations of entertainment behind her great talents.
I know Whitney was smiling in Heaven:-)))

Ms. Cissy Houston.... TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!!
There are no words to perfectly describe how Wondrously Marvelous and Tastefully Beautiful your tribute to your daughter(Affectionately Known As, "NIP") was. You demonstrated the Power of God and the strength you gave Whitney. I am forever grateful for the messages you give and gave to Whitney unselfishly for the world to share with. You gave the world the best you could do: Ms. Whitney Houston. Your efforts are Ever-So Appreciated and Respected. When you sing for Whitney, to Whitney and with Whitney... the spiritual connection is simply, Magical. You are an inspiration to all. May God continue to renew your strength, keep you in perfect peace, and shower you with many blessings. Thank You for your tribute. It moved me beyond all measure.

God Bless Whitney Houston and Family
For She is not Gone... She Is Simply Just Away,
Sorrowfully Submitted A Jersey Pride Fan.

Whitney is and always will be the best singer and most beautiful voice in the world. Talent, technique, charisma, beauty and unique voice, God only gave Whitney Elizabeth Houston, our Angel of Love. There will never be another singer like her. I hear his music all day and never forget. I love you Whitney!!

Whitney é e sempre será a melhor cantora e voz mais linda do mundo. Talento, técnica, carisma, beleza e voz inigualável, Deus só deu a Whitney Elizabeth Houston, nosso Anjo do Amor. Nunca haverá outra cantora como ela. Ouço suas músicas todos os dias e nunca a esquecerei. Amo você Whitney!!!!!!

It was quite a show that portion for Whitney. Cissy looked crushed and I was surprised that Gary sang. He sings good.

I miss her too why she have to die i was his biggest fan

The Tribute to Whitney Houston was just beautiful i cry cry was not able to stop i Can not express the overwhelming emotions i feel in my heart and I miss her so much Awesome job BET! I do not get tired of loving nippy because her songs have brought me much happiness. I love you Whitney!!! I am forever grateful for Cissy for sharing her with the world
Thank You for your tribute. It moved me beyond all measure