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The 2012 Billboard Music Awards Whitney Houston Tribute


Last night, the 2012 Billboard Music Awards honored Whitney Houston with the 2012 Billboard Millennium Award. Watch the performances and Bobbi Kristina's moving acceptance speech below.

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Whitney, I LOOK TO YOU, You Are My Idle, I Love And Miss You Lots, Everytime I Do Something I Think 'Whitney Would've Wanted Me Too Do This' I Always Dreamed I Would Meet You And The Only Time I Did Was On The Stage, Television Or Internet Sad R.I.P Whitney Houston xxxxxx <3

Impossível não se emocionar com tamanha homenagem!!!! A nossa querida Whitney Houston merece todas as homenagens do mundo. Confesso que chorei muito, principalmente quando vi a Bobbi Kristina emocionada com a linda homenagem a esta cantora maravilhosa que mesmo não estando mais entre nós, ainda é e será sempre a voz mais linda do mundo. Jamais vai aparecer uma voz como a da Whitney Houston. As cantoras que temos hoje cantam, mas não têm o brilho, o carisma, o charme, a técnica e principalmente a voz lindíssima da nossa querida Whitney. Fiquei muito feliz em ver que a Bobbi Kristina está superando com muita maturidade esta perda dolorosa desta mãe inigualável. Kristina, a Whitney nos ensinou a te amar muito, desde pequenininha quando ela te levava para os concertos que ela fez pelo mundo. Ela nos deixou acompanhar o teu crescimento, e com isso nos ensinou também a te amar. Você também faz parte da nossa vida como a Whitney e a dor da perda dela que você sente, também é a nossa dor e a minha dor. Menina tenha a força de Deus e a nossa força junto de você porque nós amamos muito sua mãe e você. Aqui no Brasil a Whitney tem milhares de fans que estão sofrendo muito, mas o que nos conforta é a voz maravilhosa e única que ela nos deixou de herança. Ahh!!!! Você estava muito linda na festa e está cada vez mais parecida com a Whitney. O nosso amor é da Whitney e teu também!!!!!! Deus te abençoe!!!! I Love Whitney 4ever!!!!!

Impossible not to be touched by such a tribute!! Our dear Whitney Houston deserves all the honors of the world. I confess that I cried a lot, especially when I saw Bobbi Kristina thrilled with the beautiful tribute to this wonderful singer who although not with us anymore, still is and will always be the most beautiful voice in the world. Never will you see a voice like Whitney Houston. The singers sing what we have today, but do not have the brilliance, charisma, charm, mainly technical and beautiful voice of our dear Whitney. I was very happy to see that Bobbi Kristina is overcoming a lot of maturity with this painful loss of this unique mother. Kristina, Whitney taught us to love greatly, from a little girl when she took you to the concert she did for the world. She left us track your growth, and it also taught us to love you. You also part of our life as the Whitney and the pain of her loss you feel, it is also our pain and my pain. Girl has the power of God and our strength with you because we love your mom and you too. Here in Brazil the Whitney has thousands of fans who are suffering a lot, but what comforts us is the wonderful voice and unique in that it bequeathed. Ahh!! You were very beautiful and the party is becoming more like the Whitney. Our love is the Whitney and yours too!! God bless you! I Love Whitney 4ever!!

Gente, como a presença da Whitney é forte em suas musicas, quando alguém canta. Me arrepiei toda vendo esta moça cantar I Will Always Love You. A voz da Whitney é mágica e tem o poder de me acalmar quando estou angustiada. I Love Whitney. Ela está com Deus!!!!

Celebrities such as Whitney's presence is strong in their music, when someone sings. I shiver all seeing this girl singing I Will Always Love You Whitney's voice is magical and has the power to calm me down when I'm upset. I love Whitney. She is with God!

It does not look like the producer listened to the rehearsal of Jordan before allowing her to sing her rendition of the song 'I will always Love You'.
The girl cannot sing well enough to cover the song and it might be a reflection of the forthcoming Sparkle film.

These facts and the fact that the theme of the film has been remade at least 6 times since the original came out years ago.
Dreamgirls, is just one of the many films that Sparkle might resemble.

Might not be enough of a sell except for the fact that Whitney is in the thing.

Hi fellow WH fans. I started writing songs about two years ago. Sometime after the sad passing of our Whitney I came up with some majestic sounding chords and a melody. As an instrumental musician, I tend to write chords and melody first, lyrics come later. Anyway it dawned on me one day that what I had come up with would make a great WH tribute song. I believe "Heaven Held It's Breath" does her justice. (Marty Lehr, composer)

see "Heaven Held It's Breath" on YouTube
here is the link:

href="">Heaven Held It's Breath</a>

"I was totally caught off guard by the tribute to Whitney ... tears started pouring ... couldn't watch without tissues. Everyone seemed so compassionate for Bobbi Kris. It was truly a special moment that I believe Whitney would have been proud of."

Oh My God! Tears,Tears and more Tears!! The tribute was so touching!!! Whitney, I look to You!!! Such a Godly Inspiring Woman! Who will never be forgotten,,,I play your music everyday all day!! I Love You!

Notice the two songs featured in this tribute were songs written by white songwriters. Hmm.