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Watch the ‘Sparkle’ Trailer


The trailer for Sparkle has now been released.Take a look at Whitney shine in her last film below and stay tuned for more Sparkle news.

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Hello all you die hard Whitney fans!! I Hope ya'll had a marvelous day today. I wanted to share this "Open letter" Ms. Cissy Houston wrote to her beloved daughter Whitney. I find this letter absolutely breath taken!

Hey "whiterabbit", I know you're reading this with tears!

"Dearest Whitney:

The presence of God blessed our home with life, love, joy and peace. You and your brothers were the center of divine love attracting God's richest blessings. You were a child of God. We had so much love in our home that was truly from on high.

You always gave without expecting anything in return and our love was the force that multiplied these blessings higher and higher. I never told you that when you were born the Holy Spirit told me that you would not be with me long and I thank God for the beautiful flower he allowed me to raise and cherish for 48 years.

God said it's time Nippy; your work is done. The other day on February 11th He came for you. But not without warning. For two months now I have been depressed, crying, lonesome and sad not knowing why.

On Saturday, before I found out about your transition, my doorbell rang. I went to answer it but there was no one there. It rang again and again, no one was there so I called the concierge to tell him someone was ringing my doorbell. He checked the cameras and told me that no one was there. You promised me you were coming to spend time with me after the Grammys. I believe the spirits allowed you to come after all.

How I love you Nippy and how I miss you, your beautiful smile, your special little things you used to say to me and sometimes you'd call just to say "hi Mommie, I love you so much," I loved you so much more.

I love you,
I'll miss you,

Thank you for being such a wonderful daughter.

Rest my baby girl in Peace, you're now in the arms of Jesus.

Love, Mommie"

Today makes two months since our beloved Diva Whitney left us. My heart hurts a lot of nostalgia and I can not get it out of my head. I'm sad to miss among us, but I know she is very happy among the angels of your Celestial Choir. Whitney on this earth will never be surpassed because it was a special angel that God gave us for 48 years. Oh my God, I miss this Angel! Longing to be until the day of my departure from this earth. I ask the Lord to bless the Whitney family, especially her mother and her daughter Kristina Houston. If we love the fans that we are suffering too much, imagine your mother and your daughter! Jesus console the hearts of Cissi and Kristina Houston Houston so they can overcome this loss so early, our beloved and incomparable Whitney Houston. I Love Whiteny forever!!

Hoje faz dois meses que a nossa amada Diva Whitney nos deixou. Meu coração doí muito de saudade e não consigo tirá-la da minha cabeça. Estou triste por sua falta entre nós, mas sei que ela está muito feliz entre os Anjos do seu Coral Celestial. Whitney nunca será superada nesta Terra porque foi um Anjo especial que Deus nos presenteou por 48 anos. Oh meu Deus, que saudade desse Anjo!!! Saudade que será até o dia da minha partida desta Terra. Peço ao Senhor que abençoe a família da Whitney, principalmente sua mãe e a sua filha Kristina Houston. Se nós fans que a amamos demais estamos sofrendo tanto, imaginem sua mãe e sua filha!!!! Que Jesus console os corações de Cissi Houston e Kristina Houston para que elas consigam superar esta perda tão precoce, da nossa amada e inigualável Whitney Houston. I Love Whiteny forever!!!!!

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So looking forward to seeing this movie. I miss Whitney so much, it will be nice to see her on the big screen once again. Also, hearing new music from her too. RIP Whitney... I will love and miss you always!!

I have the 25 anniversary of Whitney's 1st album and I can totally feel you on that.......gotta be ready to listen to this album to its entirety without breaking down. I coach myself everytime I listen to it !

Awesome!!! Whitney....THE BEST! THE VOICE! Can't wait to see this movie!

Still can't believe she's gone! She was the Greatest Singer and her music I grew up with. My grief goes from sad she's gone to anger she abandon us to acceptance of her being gone to relief her pain is over. So many emotions!! Her voice/music is helping me through it. There will never be in my lifetime anyone that comes close to her vocal ability and talent. RIP Whitney!! You are a LEGEND!!

This movie is going to be great. I look forward to seeing Whitney again on the big screen. I'm glad she was able to realize her dream of making Sparkle. I look forward to new music from her too. ::sigh::.. if only she was here. I love and miss her a great deal. R.I.P beautiful lady. There will never be another like her.

I cannot wait to see "Sparkle" with Whitney. So glad she left us with her beautiful voice, acting and regal beauty. There will never be another like her. She is a hard act to follow. I know she is up there shining down on us. Rest in Peace, my sweet angel. You are so loved and missed. Your legacy is timeless!!!