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Whitney Houston's 'The Bodyguard' to Re-Release in Theaters for One Night


It has been 20 years since Whitney Houston's box-office hit The Bodyguard first hit theaters, and to celebrate that anniversary, the film will be released in theatres for one night only on March 28th. Read here for more details.

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This Wed., Mar 28th at 7:30 pm. Go see The Bodyguard and show our love for Whitney!

Don't worry about nothing.

I love you so much Whitney. I wish you could see the outpouring of support that you have receive from the public. I just wish they have been this supportive of you while you were living. Rest safely in gods arm angel. I miss you already and will always love you.

Watching the "BodyGuard" on the big screen was touch for me! I thought I would be alright because I'm moving towards acceptance. However, I flip flop from being in denial to one day acceptance. I MUST find a way to truly move forward with this. I don't know about any of ya'll but I absolutely LOVE Whitney for the person she truly was.

Ironically, what's been "helping" me is Whitney's rendition of "Don't Cry For Me."

And even though she's asking us not to cry, I'm usually defying her request by quietly weeping.

The lyrics: "See no one is to blame. My death was meant to be." ... "And when I'm gone, please carry on..." Daggers to my heart. But it's helping.


It has been 20 life since Whitney Politician's box-office hit The Escort basic hit theaters, and to fete that day <a href="http://www.mazapoint.com/category/funny-quotes">funny facebook status</a>, the picture testament be free in theatres for one period only on Walking 28th <a href="http://www.mazapoint.com/category/good-morning-quotes">good morning facebook status</a>.

I did go view The Bodyguard on the 20th anniversary...& it was just as beautiful as when it first came out! Still can't believe that you're gone sweet Whitney...may your precious soul rest in peace-Heaven heard your cry! We will always love you angel!

I didn't realize that I would still be mourning you Whitney. I hope to find solace at this website. Whitney was such a beautiful down-to-earth person. She was real with others as well as with herself. I didn't know her personally but I really wish I did. She will be greatly missed.

I could not find a theater close to me for the show.

It is amazing that I have worked in film for nearly 20 years and of all the previews and other film that were allowed to us, this one has escaped my sight.

Some day it will wind up on HULU or VEVO.

I'll catch it then.

Hopefully Whitney, you are alive and well and your death was all a hoax to allow yourself freedom in a new life that you have created.

I really hope that's what happened.