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Whitney's REAL Brunei payday!

Was reading the July '11 issue of Vanity Fair and they have a lengthy (and fascinating) article about how Prince Jefri of Brunei went threw billions of dollars. Thought this was rather interesting. "When the sultan flew in Whitney Houston for a performance, he is rumored to have given her a blank check and instructed her to fill it in for what she thought she was worth: more than $7 million it turned out." I'm assuming this was for the '96 concert and I give the number validity because the finances of the Sultan and his brother, Jefri, came under close scrutiny during a very public trial that went all the way to the NY State Supreme Court. Personally, I think she shoulda filled it out for 10 MILLION!!!! LOL!!! BTW, if you want to read the article for yourself, it is on VF.com. Just search 'The prince who blew through billions'.