I pray that you do a contemporary gospel album like Mary Mary, Yolanda Adams and Kirk Franklin.God will bless you.

Hello Whitney. I am a big fan of yours. Keep allowing God to direct you in all that you say and do on this earth. My name is Maria Frisby. I was crowned Ms. Pennsylvania U.S. Beauties in 2004 and was a finalist and 2nd runner-up at the 2004 U.S. Beauties National Pageant in Bloomingdale, Illinois. I graduated from Penn State University. I am also a christian. I received my nutrition in the past via nasal and jejunal feeding tubes. I suffer from life-threatening pancreatitis and almost died from my condition multiple times. I survived a 108 degree body temperature. Doctors and nurses tell me that I am a walking miracle. People always tell me that I look like you. Whenever my mom sees you on the tv screen, she always tells me that I look like you. If you go to my facebook page and my myspace page and view my photographs, you will see that I look like you. I sang your song "The Greatest Love of All" in Las Vegas, Nevada and the people at the hotel thought that I had been singing for years and thought that I was a professional singer. Stay positive. Keep allowing God to deliver you and utilize you. I pray that you do a contemporary gospel album like Mary Mary, Yolanda Adams and Kirk Franklin. View my facebook page at www.facebook.com/mspennsylvania2004mariafrisby. View my myspace page at www.myspace.com/mspennsylvania2004mfrisby. You will see how much we look alike after viewing all of the photographs of me. You can also find my biography, photographs of me, videos of me, and further information on me via the Yahoo, Google, and You Tube search engines. God bless you! I love you Whitney. Jesus loves you too!