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I Look To You

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The CD is fabulous. All the songs are incredible. I love you Whitney. "You never left".

This album is wonderful! Thank you for putting the innocence back in music! It’s been a long time coming and I’m so glad you’re back on the scene.

God Bless you and yours,

I admire you!!!!, please never leave to sing!, i love your songs, all are nice.....
Thousand blessings for you and you family Smile

The album is truly amazing its shows a new mautre Whitney that we all love <3
if u dont have it go get it ASAP

Loving you Whitney! I truly missed you - Thank you for sharing your heart and soul....

I am listening to "I look to You" again.
Oh, the song just takes my breath away.
The tears just keep making their way.
God surely has made my day.
Bringing Whitney back my soul to sway.

I look to You too, Lord...
Hmmmm... I look to You, Precious Lord.

I am loving you Ms. Whitney!!! We miss real music, and thank God for your return. Remember "He" is with you. I absolutely love "A Song For You"! I would love to hear you do it in the original version. Your life will be an inspiration to someone. Someone once told me, 'don't waste you hurt and pain, but figure out how you will use it to make a difference". God Bless you Whitney!

Dear Whitney,

I wish "Call You Tonight" in a slow tempo with just piano backing, a solemn moment, you whispering in a loving and tender voice.

I believe it will sound good. Coz your voice suits the tempo better. Leave the fast tempo to Beyonce and Rihanna.


When I think of you Whitney these words come to mind: Beautiful, Overcomer, Gifted, Powerful, Inspirational, Real, Fighter. You could have easily given up, said forget it, it's not worth it, but you didn't. You are a blessed woman of God. He has given you an opportunity that most only dream of having and now He wants to use it for Him, let Him. Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works. Your good works are those given to you by God for His pleasure. You didn't know your own strength, but He did. God trusted you enough knowing that you were going to come out of it stronger, better, grateful and thankful. He trusted you enough with this trial because only you could do what He has for you to do because of it. Others could have gone through the exact same things, some have, but the end result would not be what it is going to be now. This test was designed specifically for you knowing you were going to pass with flying colors. He just had to let you see that you would pass. He has always known what you were made of, but the problem is, you didn't know, but now you do. Forget those things that are behind and reach towards those things that are ahead. Use your past only to remind your present of where you've been. Use your present to send notice to your future that you are coming and that you will obtain everything God destined your future with Him to be. I love you Whitney and I am PROUD to call you my sister in Christ!!

So after he was battered and bruised by the news, he sang an album full of his pain. Who listened or cared? We waited for the star you are, don't show up on stage broken in song - but renewed in strength of where you are going - not a reminder of where you have been. Don't replay your own bitter song. Share your joy. That is where your beauty lies. OH, but I have seen four different hairstyles on websites and you are BREATH TAKING. Your look on each is simply awsome and pulled together. "I'm your baby tonight" - awesome energy! Maybe I just did not listen to enough song bites to hear the YOU I'm searching for - I know it is there.