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Whitney was so beautiful today on Good Morning America, and sounded great! God speed to her in all she does from here on out. I love me some Whitney Houston, now and forever!

I am so happy for you Whitney! We all fall..... the hard part is getting back up and you did it!!! YOU are beautiful and I am soooo happy for you! God bless you and your family! Never feel bad about anything just keep on moving!

Louise aka queenbmary

I am so happy to see Whitney doing her thing again....Her new CD is so good. I love every song on this album just like the others. Whitney I am truly proud of you...you are strong in every way!!! May God Bless you and wish you the best in all that you do.

Your fan for life,


Whitney, i want to say god has blessed you and thank you for not giveing up. we all fall and you showed us all that when we fall we get back up. being one of your true fans, i love you and missed you and waited for your return. you inspire so many. the beauty that shows through you is priceless. thank you for giveing us a wonderful album. i love every song. Good Morning America, WOW is all i can say. i give God the glory for you and your family. For all the haters, good music is back and thank you for standing tall.I pray you give us more music in the future. Can't wait to see you on Oprah....keep your head up and smile and know you are loved..

love you Whitney... Lori

I just want to say that Whitney Houston is a huge reason why I started singing, I have been a huge Whitney fan fron the beginning, I went to my first Whitney concert in 1987 at the Forum in Inglewood, my mom surprised me that night, and it was amazing Welcome Back my love may God Bless you continuously

All my love

I just wanted to leave more best wishes for Whitney & i hope & pray that people will stop trying to tearing apart everything she does. The performance on GMA was filled with lots of energy & emotion. I agree that the vocal side of things was not the best. But she still has what it takes to become a great star once again. Does anyone honestly think that Sony & Arista Records would honestly invest so much time, energy & money into someone that could no longer perform???????? I DONT think so. Everything in this world is profit & loss, so they know she still has it. Honestly they would NOT have organized Whitney to sing if they thought she would fall flat on her face. I am also sure that NOT even Whitney would put herself in that position. It was a ONE OF THOSE THINGS. I believe she has just strained herself with all the publicity & hence the not so perfect vocals. But for so many people to invest in this amazing person Whitney. That shows she still has the pipes to sing & win the hearts of the new generation. Whitney u are amazing & you will fly into hearts of all once again because we all believe in you as do all the producers & your peers. Keep your head held high & always believe in yourself because you are amazing.

whitney your still the bomb, I 've been a fan of your's since your debut album, glad your back, and glad you didn't leave, fan from arkansas, Brian

i love your new songs all, especially "nothin,but love" that attacks my heart! i like it all the meaning and every notes you sung,the beat rocks me,makes me dance. for other songs are the masterpiece of you whitney. go on the star is truly back.