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Whitney Houston Celebrated at BET Honors


Last night, BET Honor's celebrated the life and musical achievements of our favorite artist Whitney Hosuton!! In a moving tribute, Jennifer Hudson performed Whitney's classic song "I Will Always Love You" and received a standing ovation. Check out Jennifer's wonderful tribute to Whitney Houston below!

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Jhud did alright. Not as good as Whitney's vocal standard or live performances but she did well on the high notes. Now Kim Burrell's tribute was freakin amazing!! Best gospel jazz vocalist on the planet bar none. She made IBYAM her own and very much personalized it to Whitney. Do they still have best live performance Emmy category? If they do Kim deserves one for this performance, hands down.


We should not compare Jhud and Whitney...there is no point. I thought both performances were outstanding...let's not forget Whitney's is Jhud's idol...and I loved Whitney's reaction...how she was saying "sing it baby" in such a motherly way...this is the Whitney I'd like to see more often, so intense, so free...she was just enjoying herself and the love that she was getting from the crowd, from the people who values her as an artist and as she said do not judge her.
GO WHIT!!! we love you!!

1st: Just an F.Y.I but you misspelled Whitney's last name in the first sentence.

Jennifer did an amazing job. Nobody has taken on IWALY and been able to deliver that kind of quality performance. Not to mention as Massiel said Whitney was routing Jenn on from the 1st note.

LOVED the tributes to Whitney & her letting her emotions and passion all out. That was great to see. I had to laugh when Whitney kinda leaned back when JHud had to try to hit that last hard note....pretty funny, cuz Whitney knows how hard that song is & that note at the end. Smile JHud did good, but nobody does it like Whitney! Was hoping Patti Labelle was going to sing to Whitney too....loved it when she sang "I have Nothing" tribute to Whitney years ago, but Cissy was there to accept the award on her behalf. I was hoping to see Whitney on the Grammy's Sad Hopefully next year! Smile Where was Bobbi Kristina at the BET HONORS? saw her sis & her mom. Love seeing her daughter so lovingly support her mom. Great to see.

WOW Jennifer did really good Not Whitney but Jennifer was nun the less EXTRODINARY...Whitney u were more then deserving of this award..We love u Whitney!

JHud is a great vocalist but there is no comparison to Whitney. I agree with XTC33. When Whitney sings, she takes it to a level, that no other vocalist has ever done. JHud is the best new singer I have heard in years but she does not have Whitney's vocal ability. Her voice is strong and powerful, but Whitney's is uncomparable. I can't put it into words. JHud supercedes Mariah, Alicia, and everyone else. Before Whitney, Aretha was the only one. Right now, Whitney is up there with Aretha , her Mother and Cousin Dionne.. Cissy Houston is a great vocalist and Dionne is a genius. Like Michael Jackson was the greatest dancer on earth, Whitney is the greatest singer on earth

The fact that both of these ladies are Grammy winners is enough for me to make this comment,.... "their admiration for each other makes my heart swell with joy and happiness". It was never, "why" isn't Whitney making a new album,? it was "when"?! Jennifer sang that song so well that I'm sure one particular American Idol judge is still feeling egg all over his face! These women are born singers and are so talented in their own rights! God Bless them both for their endurance, stamina, and amazing God given talents! I LOVE YA both so much!