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Whitney Performs on the AMAs Tonight!


Tune into the American Music Awards tonight, Sunday Nov. 22nd t 8pm EST, on ABC to watch Whitney's much anticipated performance - LIVE! Whitney is very excited to perform.

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Just saw Whitney's performance. Truly amazing but then its Whitney Houston. i shouldn't have expected less. i also loved as she truly enjoyed herself. now she has got her joy back. thank you Jesus. Love you Whitney

Miss Whitney, you were awesome tonight! As you sang, you brought tears of joy to my eyes. My girl is back! Thank you Jesus!

Miss Whitney, you were awesome tonight! As you sang, you brought tears of joy to my eyes. My girl is back! Thank you Jesus!

esperé su regreso durante años y estoy contento porque ya esta aquí,te quiero Whitney...

I waited for the return of her for years and I am satisfied because it is already here, love you Whitney...

I wached the AMAs at 2:00 am on a french TV. Whitney: It was AMAZING !!! The way you looked and sang was wonderful. The anchor said you are the only singer in pop music to be called a DIVA and cried after your performance. It was so emotional. I always thought you are the best. So glad your back. Love from France.

Wow Miss Whitney Houston you wonderful last night! I was so happy to see you!! You did a wonderful job and you were the best for the night!! Keep up the good job and i look forward to seeing more of you in the future!!!! love you lots.....

WHITNEY, i saw you last night and i have to say YOU´RE AMAZING, GREAT PERFORMANCE, YOU´RE SIMPLY THE BEST.

She put me in tears..... I loved her singing, had to wait for all the others to do their thing I really needed to go to bed for work but I waited for her and it was WELL WORTH the wait. She looked like an angel with the light behind her and the fog at her feet. I don't care for dancing with the stars show but I can't wait for Tuesday nights show where she'll sing again. I'm glad shes back and can't wait to hear more of her. SHE ROCKS!!!!!!

It's great to see you back. I started praying for you back in 2004. I always thought you had a heavenly voice that could not be topped. I missed it these past years. You are an inspiration to so many. Including myself. It's been 5 years praying for you and it has come to pass. You are back. Thanks be to God what prayer can do. No matter how long it takes. May the peace of the lord be with you always. BIG FAN!!!!!!