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Whitney Conquers Italy - Again!


The Italian edition of X-Factor was the next stop on Whitney's European promo tour, and there were to be no wardrobe malfunctions this time - see for yourselves.

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Amazing! Whitney belting it out while looking flawless. Welcome back, girl! Can't wait till she goes on tour.

Here is the HQ full length vid includes the post interview. She is awarded the Gold cert for Italian cd sales for ILTY. Thus, she broke her own Guiness world record of most awarded female artist! Wow, I'm surprised they followed my Tips from the xfactor Italy thread! Still, she did change/forget the lyric to one line, LOL. "Touch my face" to "Touch this place." hehe.


This tore the spirits of the haters and the wannabes that wanna keep Whitney down, But more importantly this lifted the spirits of those who love her -- US.

This performance took my mortal breath away. I cant believe the notes she were hitting. Her chest tone is soooo back! I dont doubt the possibility anymore of a retrospect repertoire on her upcoming tour. A little I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU puhlease Whitney and Im a happy nippy fan.


This is just great Whitney. My mom always say that expectation is a part of faith, and am expecting more great work from you lady. love

I looooooooooooooooooved this performance!!!!!. I love all of Whitney's performances. This was absolutely flawless. Whitney Houston looked amazing in a white, short, strapless gown with a big bow. She looked so sexy, timeless, and confident. Whitney Houston is so courageous and feeling the love for herself. This is why we love her so much. She is class, elegance, and sophistication. Her voice was on point and it was strong and definitive. I love her voice!!!! You continually make us proud Whitney!!!! I gotta go......have to watch the video again.

AMAZING! Whitney never ceases to amaze me! This was circa the "So Emotional" years!

Go girl!


It was amazingly beautiful!
I love Whitney so match!!!!

Whitney, you're improving with every performance, and you're soooo amazing!!!,i'm so happy!!!

Amazing! You are so beautiful!! I love U

That's an amazing performance....We are all exciting in Italy for her Tv Show!!!
Criticts geve her a gorgeous opinion about this performance...Millin people watching her on Tv...and Televisions in public places where tuned on Whitney Performance!!
What a voice....Incredible....Beauty and Talent....Whitney is always the best in the world!!
Italy loves you Whitney!!!!